The Pretty Big Book of Symbols: A Handy Quick Reference Guide with Keyword Meanings for Over 1400 Psychic Symbols, Animals, Plants, Gemstones, Everyday Objects & More! (English Edition)

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Add a whole new dimension to your life with symbols!

Symbols are around you each and every day. What may at first seem like an average, mundane occurrence could be a helpful hint, a sign, an important message or a communication from a loved one in the spirit world. It could be trying to provide you with useful information or a thankful forewarning, giving you guidance to help you to make the proper choice or leading you to your path of destiny.

Everyone is capable of interpreting and living through the messages that symbols bring. You are too!

“The Pretty Big Book of Symbols” will become the most amazing tool you can have at your finger tips that will help you to:

– Experience ordinary day to day events in your life in whole new way

– Unravel your dreams and do dream interpretation

– Make sense of your intuitive flashes and coincidences

– Comprehend the signs and symbols all around you

– Open to information that will help you manifest what you need for your personal growth and intuitive development

– Discover who you are, all that you are capable of being and what you need to do to live your life to the fullest!

Whether you are new to the wonderful world of symbolism or a professional intuitive who works with symbolism in your daily practice, “The Pretty Big Book of Symbols” which contains well over 1400 entries could be the single most important and useful book that you will ever own.

Stepping you through the symbolism of everything from numbers and colors, to plants, trees, birds, animals, gemstones and hundreds of everyday objects to out of the ordinary and more unusual things, you will see how even that which appears to be mainstream and common place may be trying open you up to guidance from the universe, shift your perspective and bring greater meaning to your journey here on earth.

Designed specifically for people who are seeking a handy quick reference guide “The Pretty Big Book of Symbols” contains:

– A vast array of well over 1400 symbols arranged in alphabetical order for easy reference

– Easy to access succinct, point form keyword entries

– A fully linked Table of Contents containing five category indexes which have been organized for quick and easy symbol access and formatted specifically for the e-book format.

Which means you can say goodbye to page flip fatigue, mouse click anxiety, page scroll pain and wasting precious time trying to find your symbol. This book will get you there quickly and easily!

You will be able to carry this book with you wherever you go on your iPhone, Android, tablet, etc. making it a handy, must-have reference for your in the moment symbol explorations!

NO OTHER BOOK ON SYMBOLS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN EBOOK FORMAT IS AS EASY TO USE AS THIS BOOK which has been designed specifically with this goal in mind and with your ease of use as its foremost priority.

The “Pretty Big Book of Symbols” also contains:

– Examples of how to do symbol interpretation using the entries from this book

– Instructions on how you can also use this book as an ORACLE for in the moment answers to your most pressing questions!

While this book has everything you need to get you well on your way to further exploring and decoding the signs symbols in your life, it is not intended for those who want in-depth scholarly symbol analysis, graphic representations, historical study of symbols or highly detailed interpretations. “The Pretty Big Book of Symbols” is recommended for those who want a handy quick reference and on the spot symbolism companion guide to spark your own imagination and higher intelligence.

You will probably find yourself using this book everyday! And loving it!

Bring “The Pretty Big Book of Symbols” into your life and begin manifesting your destiny and living to the fullest…today!

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