Managing in a union shop: A brief perspective from the inside (The Handy Manager Book 1) (English Edition)

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To many, the notion of managing in a unionized workplace can be intimidating if not disagreeable.

In many markets and industries efforts are being applied to diminish the power and influence of unions as they are often seen by business as a hindrance rather than a partner to help achieve the Mission of the organization.

Notwithstanding, unions are still a part of many of our realities and in some markets are even gaining ground, increasing their influence and have strong public support.

If, however the basic idea of what a union wants is better Management, what’s wrong with that? As an organization do we not want better Management ourselves? Moreover, do we not want to be better managers as well?

This perspective might be the ideal and the interpretation of “better” may be a point open for debate.

In practice, managers in unionized environments need to prepare themselves accordingly before they endeavor to supervise staff members in such a setting.

This may be facilitated with some basic guidance and some practical tactics and tools to have at their disposal.

Such tools can be especially useful when dealing with demanding situations such as with a disciplinary process or having difficult conversations.

The goal of this little book is to provide individuals with some perspectives from the inside that have come to me through the passage of time and experience.

None of what I will present came from me reading any given book or from formal training in school.

I will share some hypothetical scenarios comparable to real events, personal stories and present some insight and concrete ideas that I think would be useful to anyone who might be starting out as a manager in a unionized environment.

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