eReader Book Descriptions (and Reviews) (English Edition)

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The eReader Book Descriptions book is something that most readers want. With this book and your desktop computer, you may enter all record data under one note and have it displayed in your Kindle book. If you are familiar with your Kindle manual, then you will know how everything works as all data is entered the Kindle way. With the latest version, 1.6.1 (32800) July 23, 2011, for your Kindle for PC app, you may copy and paste the Amazon online book descriptions into the records in this book. And if you create a review, you may copy and paste it too, utilizing another note, perhaps under the word Review.

Once your data is entered with your fast keyboard, it will automatically transfer to the same book on your Kindle if your WiFi is turned on. You still can enter data with your Kindle and make edits or even create new records and it will sync with your desktop. Either way you only enter data once and can have it displayed on up to six different electronic devices with the Kindle apps. The display of the static pages while you enter your data will assist you in entering the information required for a full record.

Download the sample and see how you like it. Use of entering “genre tags” separated by spaces will help in a search for perhaps all books with “sports”, “health”, “reference” or all books with “illustrated”, etc. You may even wish to enter “text books” to make sure that all books have been purchased. Once we can obtain books from the library for use on the Kindle, you could enter “Library” as a tag. All words in your records may be searched. We suggest that you enter all data for the record under one note, utilizing the record’s Unique Identifier Key.

There are numerous benefits of creating a utility book for the Kindle. One gets to use all the features that the Kindle has to offer in the design of the book, which are familiar to all Kindle users; and whenever the Kindle has a software update, the new features are automatically passed on to the Kindle created book. One wonderful advantage for users, however, is the ability to sync automatically single input across all registered devices if WiFi is turned on.

Please see Cynthia Marr’s author page for forum notes and postings, as well as information on her other books. You are invited to participate.

Instructions for use of this book have been uploaded to her forum and may be found under the title of this book.

Please adjust your Kindle Settings: #3 Font, Sans Serif Typeface, medium line spacing and default words per line.

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