100 Unconventional Client Retention Strategies For New And Seasoned Real Estate Agents: A handy pocket cheatsheet when you need a quick creative idea! … Show them some love! (English Edition)

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Whom of us have not experienced that sinking feeling of finding out, after a closing or seeing a fresh listing post in MLS, that our past or current client sought and used the services of another real estate agent for the very home you sold them not too long ago?

Talk about a kick in the stomach…

But it’s our own fault. Not our client. Somewhere along the line, we dropped the communication ball. The party line we enjoyed with our current and past real estate clients had been severed, and we were the last to know.

Yes, we send a card or two throughout the year.

And yes, we gave a nice closing gift.

However, client retention efforts require so much more. Your client needs to feel you are connected to them, not just on a business level, but on a personal one as well. It doesn’t have to be this deep love affair between real estate agent and client. However, it does require a bit more than templated seasonal cards and refrigerator magnets.

If you build solid and consistent relationships with your current and past real estate clients, the business will follow.

Running our day-to-day business we sometimes neglect and lose focus of our core foundation and goal, developing deep, lasting, sustainable client relationships; without which, we would be out of business in short order.

I’ve kept this client retention strategies pocket cheatsheet short and simple. More as a quick glance reference guide for you to carry and flip through on those days you are experiencing a lull and drawing a blank on ways to communicate, connect, and deepen your real estate client relationships.

That’s the daily challenge.

This client retention pocket cheatsheet is all about ideas; quick ideas to keep you firmly positioned front of mind.

Build strong client loyalty. Cultivate your client relationships with positive, proactive client retention strategies to ensure it is your name is on that seller listing agreement or purchase agreement for your buyer client.

Keep your clients happy!

Show them some love!

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